How are Israelis grappling with the horrors of October 7 and its aftermath?  What sources are they turning to for perspective, solace, and inspiration? Over ten days, a minyan of Hartman faculty will teach Jewish sources about loss, resilience, hope, and grief that illuminate their personal experiences during this unprecedented moment in Jewish history. 

Join us for Voices from Israel, a lunchtime series, as we learn daily with a teacher from Israel and hear the Torah anchoring them now. All classes will be held from 12:00-12:45 pm ET.

Schedule of Classes:

  • Monday, November 6 | CHANNA PINCHASI Israel at War: Reflections and Texts about Crisis and Resilience
  • Tuesday, November 7 | DANI SEGAL "Those Who Trust in God Shall Renew Their Strength": Brit Bein Habetarim as a Model of Rebuilding
  • Wednesday, November 8 | RENANA RAVITSKY PILZER "When the Second House (Temple) was Destroyed": Dealing with Crisis
  • Thursday, November 9 | AVI DABUSH Caught Between the Heart of Howl and the Heart of Comfort 
  • Monday, November 13 | ABI DAUBER STERNE Our Changing Beliefs: Personal Wartime Reflections Meet Traditional and Contemporary Texts and Songs
  • Tuesday, November 14 | TOMER PERSICO Moral Luck and the Meaning of Tragedy 
  • Wednesday, November 15 | SHOSHANA COHEN Silence, Lament and Comfort - Three Theological Responses to Destruction
  • Thursday, November 16 | SIGALIT UR Redeeming the Captives: Head and Heart; Nomos and Narrative
  • Monday, November 20 | ELHANAN MILLER "And the Ark was Captured": The Book of Samuel and This Moment
  • Tuesday, November 21 | ARIEL PICARD Covenant of Fate and Covenant of Destiny: Rethinking the Categories

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