Student Registration - DUE Dec. 19, 2023

December 25 to December 29, 2023 

Edward Fein Winter Student Seminar

Welcome! We are so excited that you are registering for the Edward Fein Student Winter Seminar

December 25 - December 29, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia 

Undergraduate students 


Please contact Avigail Schneiman, Student Relationship Manager,
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Thanks to a generous donor, we are glad to be able to offer this week of high-level learning for individual students at a cost of $250. 

Registration includes the cost of study, meals, and accommodations 

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Registration will begin at 11:00 am on December 25th and the program will end with breakfast on December 29th. 

Hartman will reimburse flights from the East Coast up to 400 dollars and up to 700 dollars from the West Coast


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