Toronto lecture

As a Jewish and democratic state, Israel celebrates both values and continuously navigates the tensions between them. The Canadian Jewish community watches the complexity of the Zionist project with curiosity and commitment.

Join Donniel Hartman, President of the Shalom Hartman Institute and David Koffman, J. Richard Shiff Chair for the Study of Canadian Jewry at York University for a conversation about pluralism and democracy in Israel, why this matters to Jews outside of Israel, and what role we can play in the conversation. 

Holy Blossom Temple | 1950 Bathurst St. 
November 21, 2022 | 7:30pm
Dessert reception to follow

The Shalom Hartman Institute is honoured to partner with Holy Blossom Temple and the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University for this event. 

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