Application: Cohort VIII (June 2020-June 2021)


Applications for Cohort VIII of the Hartman Fellowship for Hillel Professionals are now open! 

Please complete all questions below and submit all files in PDF format.

  • The application deadline is November 22

  • The selection committee will issue invitations to join the cohort by December 20.

  • Accepted candidates must sign a statement of commitment to participate by January 15 in order to hold their spot in the cohort.

Details of the Fellowship can be found here. Attendance at all seminars and distance learning classes are mandatory. 

Please contact Rob France (rob.france@shalomhartman.org) with any questions about the application.

Personal details

Supplementary Materials

Please submit your answers to each of the following questions in a single PDF document.
  1. Please describe your current relationship with Israel: what is affirming, what do you struggle with, and how have you seen this relationship growing or changing over time? (250 words maximum)
  2. What is your greatest accomplishment while at Hillel? What steps did you take to achieve this accomplishment? How do you measure its success? (500 words maximum)
  3. It is our hope that our participation in this fellowship will have a direct impact on your campus and your Hillel. What is the nature of the Israel conversation among the students and staff on your campus? And what is your vision for how your participation in the Fellowship might have an impact on how your Hillel engages with Israel? (500 words maximum)
  4. Please tell us one story about an important Israel-related experience in your campus community. What was your role in this story? What did you learn from this experience? (500 words maximum)


The Hartman Fellowship for Hillel Professionals consists of the following elements:
  • Two preparatory webinars
  • Two 9-day seminars in Israel (July 2020 and July 2021)
  • One mid-year seminar in January 2021 in NYC
  • Bi-weekly distance learning classes over Zoom from September 2020 to May 2021
Attendance at all Seminars and distance learnings are mandatory.